Let’s Follow the Swallows: Welsh Heritage & Taking Home With You, Wherever You Are

‘The Quilt’, or ‘Y Cwilt’ in Welsh, is the tale of a little girl living in rural West Wales with her Mother and her Father. One Winter, the family falls on hard times, and makes the life changing decision to sell all of their belongings to move across the pond for a new life in the USA.

The Pull of Pembrokeshire – Growing Evening Entertainment for 18-35s

Picturesque Pembrokeshire, situated in the wilds of West Wales, is primarily renowned for its outdoor offerings; the cascading Preseli Hills, tumbling sand dunes of Tenby beach, and rolling waves along Freshwater West entice visitors and locals alike to revel in the beautiful natural scenery and the activities which it provides. But Pembrokeshire is rapidly becomingContinue reading “The Pull of Pembrokeshire – Growing Evening Entertainment for 18-35s”