Milo’s Planes @ The Lanes, Bristol

Snarling aggression from four lovely lads. On a bleak Saturday night in February, just a few short weeks before we entered the new reality we now know as “lockdown”, a boutique bowling alley called The Lanes in Bristol played host to punk Bristol natives Milo’s Planes. The foursome are pugnacious and tightly chaotic, affectionately knownContinue reading “Milo’s Planes @ The Lanes, Bristol”

‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors – Journeying Home

‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors, available to purchase at Arkbound, takes us deep sea diving into our true natural selves to reconnect and rediscover who we are biologically at the core of our psyche. Both qualified professionals in Eco-Psychology and Nature Based Practice at The Natural Academy, Brandrick and Connors areContinue reading “‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors – Journeying Home”

Arlo Parks – ‘Black Dog’: A Review

‘Black Dog’ is the latest single gifted to us by Arlo Parks, a heartrending ode to mental health struggles and the hopeless, terrifying feeling of trying to support someone you care about while they battle with feelings of depression. The song is tenderly apt during these bizarre times when the entirety of society is beingContinue reading “Arlo Parks – ‘Black Dog’: A Review”

‘The Asylum’ by Zahid Zaman – Reviewing a Modern Occultist Horror Story

‘The Asylum’ by Zahid Zaman, published by Arkbound Publishers in 2016, is a dark yet strangely uplifting journey down the rabbit hole of life within the walls of a modern day asylum, and one man’s ominous journey to rescue himself from the clutches of Hell. Told by Zahid himself, a psychology graduate working within StContinue reading “‘The Asylum’ by Zahid Zaman – Reviewing a Modern Occultist Horror Story”

The Pull of Pembrokeshire – Growing Evening Entertainment for 18-35s

Picturesque Pembrokeshire, situated in the wilds of West Wales, is primarily renowned for its outdoor offerings; the cascading Preseli Hills, tumbling sand dunes of Tenby beach, and rolling waves along Freshwater West entice visitors and locals alike to revel in the beautiful natural scenery and the activities which it provides. But Pembrokeshire is rapidly becomingContinue reading “The Pull of Pembrokeshire – Growing Evening Entertainment for 18-35s”

Soccer Mommy – Color Theory: A Review

Sophia Regina Allison, better known by her stage name Soccer Mommy, is already a remarkably accomplished musician despite her tender 22 years. Hailing from Nashville Tennessee and having begun learning guitar at the age of 6, Soccer Mommy has been knocking out album after album since 2016. Her 2018 album ‘Clean’ received great success andContinue reading “Soccer Mommy – Color Theory: A Review”

A Guide to the Magical Preseli Hills and Mountains

The Preseli Hills or Preseli Mountains, also known as “Mynydd Preseli” in Welsh, is a prehistoric landscape of ancient moorland scattered majestically across the North of Pembrokeshire from West to East. 536 metres at its highest point, The Preseli Hills are overflowing with myth and legend and hold an undeniably magical energy. You can discoverContinue reading “A Guide to the Magical Preseli Hills and Mountains”

The Best Pembrokeshire Beaches for Surfing

Pembrokeshire is widely renowned for it’s beautiful, idyllic coastline and picturesque beaches. Despite its vast popularity amongst tourists, Pembrokeshire miraculously remains a hidden gem for surfers, largely untainted by the media’s spotlight. With more than 50 fantastic beaches to choose from, there’s plenty of options available to suit surfers of varying abilities, from the well-seasonedContinue reading “The Best Pembrokeshire Beaches for Surfing”

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie – A Review

Peter Pan is a classic novel written by playwright and novelist J.M. Barrie about an impish flying boy called Peter who rejects all notions of adulthood, instead living in an idealistic mythical world called Neverland that enables him to never grow up. Peter lives with a gang of friends called The Lost Boys, with whomContinue reading “Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie – A Review”