DIY Festive Wreath – Written for FBM Holidays

Home-made wreath making is a fantastic festive activity for children and adults alike. It’s a wonderful way to begin the festive celebrations together by creating something special and unique as a family to proudly display in your home over Christmas. Read more on the FBM Holidays Blog.

National Botanic Garden of Wales – Written for FBM Holidays

Nestled away in Llanarthney in the River Tywi Valley, Carmarthenshire, lies the splendid Botanical Garden of Wales, open from 10am until 6pm seven days a week from the beginning of April until the end of October, and close at the earlier time of 4.30pm between November and the end of March. Read more on FBMContinue reading “National Botanic Garden of Wales – Written for FBM Holidays”

Coasteering – Written for FBM Holidays

Coasteering is an ideal activity for those looking for a hit of adrenaline and a dose of adventure in the great outdoors of West Wales. Coasteering allows you to gain a unique view of the famous Welsh coast that not many others will get to see as you climb along rocky outcrops, explore hidden cavesContinue reading “Coasteering – Written for FBM Holidays”

beabadoobee – Fake It Flowers Album, Giglist Review

Despite faithfully adopting the affectations of late 90s/early 00s headstrong pop-punk bands, beabadoobee’s debut album unfolds like a diary entry torn out and thrown away because it’s too raw and real for even the writer to look at. Twenty year-old Filipino-born British singer-songwriter beabadoobee (or Beatrice Laus as she is known to her friends) isContinue reading “beabadoobee – Fake It Flowers Album, Giglist Review”

The Wytches – ‘Cowboy’ Giglist Review

Having gone through a period of metamorphosis, the (now) trio’s latest single is a sneering, seething anthem every bit befitting a whisky-soaked dive bar in the Wild West. The Wytches have been away for a while. It’s been almost three agonising years since their last release ‘Double World’ and four since the release of theirContinue reading “The Wytches – ‘Cowboy’ Giglist Review”

Skinshape – ‘Arrogance is the Death of Men’ Giglist Review

On his second full-length release this year alone, Will Dorey’s ever-expanding palette of global grooves crystallises the colourful communion of summer, and acts as a beacon of hope for better days to come. Skinshape is the divine creation of English musician and producer Will Dorey, a one-man-band with a flare for blending global sounds withContinue reading “Skinshape – ‘Arrogance is the Death of Men’ Giglist Review”

Viagra Boys – ‘Ain’t Nice’ Giglist Review

Vintage calculators, defeat, regret, and ruining a relationship beyond all repair are the dominant concerns of VB’s most recent single, a self-reflective turn that makes the irreverent post-punks feel more relatable than ever. Swedish post-punk band Viagra Boys recently returned with deliciously naughty tune entitled ‘Ain’t Nice’, along with the promise of a brand spanking new album onContinue reading “Viagra Boys – ‘Ain’t Nice’ Giglist Review”

Porridge Radio ft. LaLa LaLa – ‘Good For You’ Giglist Review

An ode to love gone wrong, and the resentment and discomfort stirred up as a result, the Mercury Prize Award nominees’ recent single overflows with melancholy. Porridge Radio and Lala Lala together is a collaboration that (some) dreams are made of: in ‘Good For You’, the Brighton-based four piece and Chicago native Lala Lala otherwise known as Lillie WestContinue reading “Porridge Radio ft. LaLa LaLa – ‘Good For You’ Giglist Review”

Reptaliens – ‘Taking’ New Single Review

I’ve only recently stumbled on the mind-bending magic that is Reptaliens, and I’m both mortified that I’d never heard of them before and totally thrilled that divine intervention decided to beam me up into their space ship. Reptaliens have a super cool laid-back sci-fi aura, a completely unique brand of colourful, supernatural indie synth popContinue reading “Reptaliens – ‘Taking’ New Single Review”

‘Emerging From the Storm’ by Harriet Knock – World Mental Health Day

Doing their part to show support of World Mental Health Day, Arkbound have published a tender body of poems collectively entitled ‘Emerging From the Storm’ by first time published poet Harriet Knock, a gentle reminder that it’s okay to not be okay. ‘Emerging From the Storm’ is as raw and real as mental health gets.Continue reading “‘Emerging From the Storm’ by Harriet Knock – World Mental Health Day”