About Me

Hi, I’m Alice.

I live in West Wales and I love to travel and explore – I’m my happiest when I’m immersed in the natural world. I have a keen interest in astrology, spirituality, food, and music.

I’ve always had an insatiable love of the written word. I devoured books as a child, staying up late and leaning into my windowsill to read by moonlight so my parents wouldn’t see the telltale glow of my bedside lamp. I would bring a book everywhere with me, walking with my eyes glued to the page, sneaking my book to the dinner table so I could continue to read in between bites of lasagne, much to the bemusement of my family. I was lucky to grow up in a home with plenty of well stocked bookshelves, and my love of literature was encouraged and celebrated by my wonderful parents, big brother, grandparents, aunties, and uncles; I was never short of a kaleidoscopic supply of reading material.

As I grew up I continued to read and I also naturally began to write as well. I would conceive everything from poems to short fantasy stories to plays to diaries, most of which I’d throw away or delete soon after completing, but I felt I was honing my craft each time I sat at my Dad’s desktop or put pen to paper. The thousands of ways you can weave words to your will, like casting a spell, enthralled and fascinated me.

For my GCSE’s I took both English Language and English Literature, the latter I continued to study at A Level. I’m now undertaking a Masters Degree in Children’s Literature, coming full circle to the literary roots of my childhood and relishing every second of dissecting and exploring familiar and not-so-familiar tales.

As a freelancer I write music reviews on some of my favourite artists for on-trend online music magazine Giglist, book reviews for socially enterprising Bristol-based publisher Arkbound, and I also create online content for FBM Holidays, writing everything from blog posts about pumpkin picking to reviews of the best surfing spots in Pembrokeshire.

I’m available for commissions and one-off reviews, as well as being on hand for ongoing contractual content writing or reviewing work. Submissions are more than welcome!

Please visit the Contact page with any queries or bookings and I will be in touch.

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