Pumpkin Picking in Pembrokeshire – Written for FBM Holidays

Autumn in Pembrokeshire is a sight to behold, when the leaves appear to be set alight by the warm glow of the sun, the mornings turn crisp and frosty, and the evenings draw darker, cosier, and spookier.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to enjoy some festive family fun in the outdoors, and this year there are some fantastic farms around the county offering pumpkin picking and lots of other activities to delight and entertain.

Good Hook Pumpkins, Haverfordwest
Good Hook Pumpkins are the newest addition to the pumpkin picking family in Pembrokeshire. A family run working dairy farm, Good Hook Farm decided to turn their hands to pumpkins over lockdown and have been working hard to lovingly grow and harvest pumpkins for their patch, with pumpkin prices starting from just £1 each.

Find out about more pumpkin patches over on the FBM Holidays Blog.

Published by Alice Shuttleworth

I am a freelance content and creative writer studying a Postgraduate MA in Children's Literature.

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