Reptaliens – ‘Taking’ New Single Review

I’ve only recently stumbled on the mind-bending magic that is Reptaliens, and I’m both mortified that I’d never heard of them before and totally thrilled that divine intervention decided to beam me up into their space ship. Reptaliens have a super cool laid-back sci-fi aura, a completely unique brand of colourful, supernatural indie synth pop that makes you feel like you’re at Woodstock, on Mars, exchanging ghost stories with Paul McCartney while you chew Hubba Bubba. And what a place to be.

The driving force and founding members of Reptaliens are married couple Bambi and Cole Browning, hailing from Portland, Oregon, and if you like Stereolab and Ariel Pink (or if you just love great music), you will adore Reptaliens.

New single ‘Taking’ is a dream song for anyone with a love of the bizarre and surreal; two parts Stranger Things, one part Mars Attacks, and a generous dash of impending apocalyptic doom. Fantastic.

One of the most intriguing things about Reptaliens is their effortless ability to explore the phantasmagorical, the strange, the unusual, and somehow make it relatable. Inspired by cults, science fiction, and conspiracy theories, Reptaliens paint a dreamy escapist picture, both visually through their videos, and sonically through their music itself.

‘Taking’ makes you feel homesick for a planet you’ve never been to. It’s Alice in Wonderland all grown up, it’s the underside of Oz, it’s strange and unusual but familiar, like Déjà vu in musical form. And I can’t get enough of it.

Check out Reptaliens 2019 album Valis and 2017 album FM-2030 for more delicious brain melters, and follow them on social media:

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I am a freelance content and creative writer studying a Postgraduate MA in Children's Literature.

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