Milo’s Planes @ The Lanes, Bristol

Snarling aggression from four lovely lads.

On a bleak Saturday night in February, just a few short weeks before we entered the new reality we now know as “lockdown”, a boutique bowling alley called The Lanes in Bristol played host to punk Bristol natives Milo’s Planes. The foursome are pugnacious and tightly chaotic, affectionately known for being four lovely lads who just happen to play snarling aggressive music that casually blows your eardrums inside out.

From the moment Milo’s Planes descended onto the stage in modest almost all-black attire, the 300 strong audience were held captive by their formidable presence and a hypnotic, roaring waterfall of sound all of their own. There’s no comparing Milo’s Planes to any other band out there, the foursome have skillfully and effortlessly honed their music to be completely one of a kind.

Milo’s Planes cascade frantically from one pulsating song to the next; there’s no time to get comfortable as the boys keep you guessing, sweeping you up and punching you in the throat with their chaotic, buzzing energy.

Milo’s Planes are a must-see, whether you’ve seen them a hundred times or you’re a complete newbie to their sound. You leave their live show feeling energised, your cup filled up with the joyful angst and jolting electricity that only a real, raw, dynamic punk show can give to you.

Published by Alice Shuttleworth

I am a freelance content and creative writer studying a Postgraduate MA in Children's Literature.

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