‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors – Journeying Home

‘The Natural Self’ by Rhonda Brandrick and Michéal Connors, available to purchase at Arkbound, takes us deep sea diving into our true natural selves to reconnect and rediscover who we are biologically at the core of our psyche. Both qualified professionals in Eco-Psychology and Nature Based Practice at The Natural Academy, Brandrick and Connors are leading experts in nature and its links to health and well-being, including the benefits of nature based healing and therapy.

As humans have developed, we’ve collectively littered the Earth with increasingly modern luxuries and what we deem to be necessities, and as a result we have come to live in an unnatural bubble of technology, industrialism, and concrete. As a consequence, many of us have regrettably lost touch with our indigenous connection to the natural world. The distance from our natural selves is why we often feel a type of void inside, a yearning to scratch an itch which we just can’t quite get to. We seek to satisfy this emptiness with other vices and hollow tokens of feeling satisfied and worthy, creating drama and rifts where there should be none to falsify an illusion of contributing something of value to the world. In ‘The Natural Self‘, Brandrick and Connors lead the way in helping us to remember who we truly are and the innate natural potential within us.

Filled with beautiful photography and illustrations, ‘The Natural Self‘ is a 122 page guide and self-help journal outlining where we’ve been going wrong, the symptoms of a life lived too far from the land, and how we can go about fixing ourselves, our community, and the Earth.

The primary purpose of ‘The Natural Self‘ is as a journal to document our individual journeys in rediscovering who we innately are, guided gracefully by questions, prompts, poetry, and excerpts to inspire and gently probe at our deepest selves to reveal the native human self within.

The Natural Self‘ gifted me with an unusual opportunity to simply sit and think about how I feel – really feel – about myself, my body, the world around me, and how I inhabit it. In uncertain times where many of us are feeling anxious and untethered, ‘The Natural Self‘ feels like a warm embrace from Mother Nature welcoming us home, and it feels magical to be back.

Many thanks to Arkbound Publishing for providing me with a copy of ‘The Natural Self’ to review.

Purchase a copy for yourself here.

Published by Alice Shuttleworth

I am a freelance content and creative writer studying a Postgraduate MA in Children's Literature.

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  1. I read and really enjoyed this review yesterday, then looked to buy the book itself but review wasn’t then showing-I will when it does x
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