The Pull of Pembrokeshire – Growing Evening Entertainment for 18-35s

Picturesque Pembrokeshire, situated in the wilds of West Wales, is primarily renowned for its outdoor offerings; the cascading Preseli Hills, tumbling sand dunes of Tenby beach, and rolling waves along Freshwater West entice visitors and locals alike to revel in the beautiful natural scenery and the activities which it provides. But Pembrokeshire is rapidly becoming a hive of activity for its sophisticated indoor entertainment as well, with venues across the County gaining notoriety for their popularity amongst some pretty big stars and rising talents from across the United Kingdom and abroad. In previous years, those in the 18-35 age bracket would seek to travel to Carmarthen, Swansea, Cardiff, or even Bristol to find entertainment on an evening or weekend. However the newly found diversity of Pembrokeshire’s exciting and ever-developing entertainment circuit doesn’t just keep the locals happy, but draws those from further afield into the County to bask in the nightlife as well.

One of Pembrokeshire’s prime entertainment hotspots is The Torch Theatre in Milford Haven. This modern, spacious theatre, cinema, and arts complex comes complete with its own light and airy licensed bar and outdoor balcony, delightful to sit on with a glass of wine or a cocktail whilst watching the comings and goings of the boats in Milford Marina. The Torch Cafe downstairs offers plenty of culinary options, including delicious delights for vegans and vegetarians, to entice theatre-goers to have a spot of lunch or an afternoon meal before or after enjoying their play, movie, or spectacular live entertainment. The Torch Theatre boasts a whole host of different forms of entertainment to suit every taste and to ensure visitors keep coming back for more, including live performances from local and touring theatre groups, live opera, circus performances, cinema screenings, and live broadcasts of ballet and dance events. The cool and modern atmosphere of The Torch Theatre encourages the younger generation of entertainment-seeking adults to become regular visitors, as time spent at The Torch feels like a real cultural treat. Drinks from the bar can be brought into the theatre itself, encouraging a relaxed, grown-up ambience for young couples or groups of friends to unwind and absorb their chosen form of entertainment in comfort.

On the outskirts of Pembrokeshire, around 20 minutes from the Carmarthenshire border, is the the market town of Narberth which gives residence to the Queen’s Hall, infamous for its fantastic monthly Comedy Night, the various art exhibitions on display in the gallery space, and it’s fabulous mix of live music varying from 1950s RnB, classic rock tribute acts, Ska, and Electric Swing Circus. The large, high-ceilinged space inside the Queens Hall, deceptively larger inside than it appears from the quaint Welsh street outside, easily creates an exciting, electric aura similar to that which you would find in large concert venues. There is a distinct feeling of casual camaraderie within the building, a bohemian vibe which reflects the town of Narberth itself and it’s friendly inhabitants. It is easy to make new friends, as the warmth of the Queens Hall encourages playful interactions; you can’t help but laugh, dance, and chat with the people around you! This makes The Queens Hall a staple success in Pembrokeshire’s nightlife for people aged 18-35; The abundance of different forms of entertainment and the relaxed atmosphere makes it a perfect place to unwind after work and to really bask in the feeling of community and fun which oozes out of every corner of Narberth. Complete with a bar and a cafe, as well as providing numerous dance, music, art, and exercise classes, The Queens Hall easily provides enjoyable entertainment for the younger generation regardless of time of day, time of year, mood, or personal preference.

Pembrokeshire is certainly considered to be a developing entertainment County, buzzing with potential and anticipation, becoming ever more popular for its nightlife and the great variety of performances, live screenings, and theatrical delights on offer throughout the year.

Published by Alice Shuttleworth

I am a freelance content and creative writer studying a Postgraduate MA in Children's Literature.

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